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Social Media

I believe in the power of social media to connect people and businesses alike. Through both personal & work experience, I have seen the powerful effects of social media done right. I have experience & skill in creating and choosing content to share.

Photography & Videography

As a right-brainer, I love art, music and all things creative. In this digital age, it is more important now than ever to be a visually engaging company, and I can help with that. I have experience and an eye for photography & videography. I am proficient in the use of DSLR cameras & experienced with Final Cut Pro editing software. Every picture you see on this site was captured by yours truly.

HTML & Design

As you may have gathered from looking around my website, I have become proficient in HTML web design and blog management with Blox, Ning & Wordpress. I have also learned programs like Dreamweaver, InDesign and Photoshop from the Adobe Creative Suite.


Having traveled to many different places and experienced a multitude of cultures besides my own, I bring a broader perspective to everything I do. Travel paired with my knowledge and study of the Spanish language, history and culture has expanded my mind and made me more adaptable as a person.


I have gained marketing insight & experience helping clients gather and analyze customer data & feedback and then building campaigns to capitalize on that information. This experience paired with the knowledge I have gained from my business minor and position as Public Relations and Marketing Manager at Cottonseed Studios has given me a strong foundation in the area of marketing.


Words are powerful. When used effectively, writing can accomplish almost anything. People - whether they be potential investors, customers or fans - connect with well-written words and stories, and that fact is not lost on me. Multiple stories of mine have been published in local newspapers. I have the ability to effectively and concisely craft messages that make a difference.

As I can only fit a few highlighted skills on this page, take a look at my Wingfinder Assessment to get a more in-depth, scientific look into what makes me tick.

Developed by Red Bull and an expert team of psychology professors, Wingfinder is designed to discover strengths and natural aptitude. Strengths are assessed according to four key areas: Creativity, Thinking, Drive and Connections. These areas are found to be more influential than any others for career success. Contained within these four areas are 25 individual strengths. In the assessment, you can view my top four strengths and what they indicate.